PRF Treatment for Under Eye – Erase Your Tired Eyes

What is PRF treatment?

We use PRF filler under the eye to erase dark circles, hollows and fine lines. PRF treatment is unlike any other, because we make the injections using your own blood. Yes – you read that right! We create the perfect mixture using your natural platelets and growth factors found in PRF. Together, this natural filler stimulates the under eye area to restore volume and smooth texture on its own. It’s a unique and thorough process to give you the results of your dreams. 

How does PRF work?

When we suffer from an injury, our body adapts and does its best to heal our wounds naturally. Our platelets bind to a protein called fibrin and release growth factors. Growth factors play an important role in repair, as they help to generate new skin cells and blood vessels. We mimic this reaction with PRF under eye treatment, which will give you improved skin firmness and elasticity. We trick our under eye area into making the improvements for us. 

What can I expect during and after PRF treatment?

After a consultation with your provider at Revived Medspa, we will determine if you are a good candidate for PRF and address any concerns you may have. You can expect this under eye filler treatment to take 40-45 minutes because of the blood draw beforehand. We will first draw your blood and then create the PRF concentration that we use for your injections. With just one session you can expect noticeable results. Your provider may recommend two or more sessions to see full improvement of the under eye area. We promise it is well worth it!

What is the difference between PRF filler and dermal filler?

PRF filler is a safer and more natural alternative to dermal filler when it comes to the under eye area. PRF under eye treatment lasts as long as a good skincare routine does. If you take care of your skin, you can expect the benefits to last a lifetime after a series of treatments! Dermal filler only lasts until it dissolves, which can be anywhere from 9-12 months depending on your biochemistry.

Role of Growth Factors in PRF Treatment

The growth factors in PRF allow for significant improvement in the fine lines and crepey areas under your eye. Dermal filler is not able to perform the same, because it primarily treats volume loss and dark circles. Even then, PRF is a better option for this area.

Will this treatment help me look younger?

Yes! We often overlook our loss of collagen and elasticity in the under eye area. If you feel like you look tired without the layer(s) of concealer, this is the treatment for you. PRF filler treats the underlying causes of dark circles, wrinkles and sunken eyes. As your collagen production increases, you’ll see a similar plumpness that you had when you were younger. 

I’m in! How can I schedule my PRF treatment?   

Please use the booking link to schedule a consultation with a provider at Revived Medspa, so you can start looking and feeling your best! Also, check out our blog on how to prevent bruising with filler to prepare for your treatment.